Obama Bingo

Yes We Can!

Dr. King's Church

Call To Service

Closing Arguements

Father's Day



A More Perfect Union

2008 DNC

South Carolina

Iowa Victory

St. Paul


Springfield Illinois

Obama Speech Bingo

Scroll down to the speech video. Click a word on the bingo board when you hear it.

Click Here To Create Another Bingo Card

There's no doubt that Barack Obama gives a good speech. After a while you start to notice he uses a lot of the same words. To make things a bit more entertaining, use BingObama to generate a bingo card to use during the next obama speech you are watching. Print one off for the next time you are watching one live, or watch one of his YouTube videos on this site and fill out your bingo card as you watch. Click the words you hear him say during the speech you're watching.

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